My name is Vitaliy Mogilevskiy, I work as a Lead Software Engineer at InvisionApp where I help design and build, large scale platform automation with Golang, on Kubernetes, AWS, MySQL RDS, MongoDB Atlas, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, X-Ray, kubernetes/client-go.

I started my career as a Software Engineer developing Enterprise Applications. I also had a knack for deploying and running complex Enterprise Class Applications, so my then employer asked me to handle both. I stayed in this dual role for a number of years and naturally ended up in a Systems Architect / Enterprise APPS DBA role. However, my true calling has always been building things, so I circled back to backend Software Engineering as of 2014 and never looked back.

This diverse OPS/SE background, gave me a very unique set of skills and a high standard for resiliency, error and edge case handling. And the tools I help to design and build reflect this.

Some examples of the tooling I helped to create at InVision App are:

fleet – database provisioner and secrets key/value store manager: Consolidated Private Cloud architecture from a dedicated database cluster per microservice to a shared topology to bin-pack environments and save cost (stack: AWS RDS, MongoDB Atlas, S3, DynamoDB, Golang)
tabularhttps://github.com/InVisionApp/tabular Open source Go library: simplifies printing ASCII tables from command line utilities
sentinel – fine grained monitoring and performance snapshots for MySQL and MongoDB (stack: UI portal runs on k8s, monitoring agent on AWS Lambda, snapshots stored on S3 and metadata in DynamoDB, Lambda agent monitoring by AWS X-Ray)
saw – bulk database cluster resize/reboot/parameter change automation for AWS RDS and MongoDB Atlas (stack: go cli, AWS SDK, Atlas API)
data-migrator-cli – kubernetes jobs orchestration / monitoring for automating Private Cloud data migrations (stack: k8s, kubernetes/client-go, AWS SQS, S3)
hound – microservices database cluster configuration discovery and reverse lookup (stack: AWS S3, S3 Events to Lambda, DynamoDB)
pcb – MySQL and MongoDB data store configuration and monitoring CLI for Private Clouds