My name is Vitaliy Mogilevskiy, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Auth0 where I design and build, large scale platform automation with Go on AWS, for RDS (PostgreSQL, and prior to this MySQL) and MongoDB Atlas utilizing Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, X-Ray, kubernetes/client-go and Kubernetes.

I started my career as a Software Engineer developing Enterprise Applications. I also had a knack for deploying and running complex Enterprise Class Applications, so my then employer asked me to handle both. I stayed in this dual role for a number of years and naturally ended up in a Systems Architect / Enterprise APPS DBA role. However, my true calling has always been building things, so I circled back to backend Software Engineering as of 2014 and never looked back.

This diverse OPS/SE background, gave me a very unique set of skills and a high standard for resiliency, error and edge case handling. And the tools I help to design and build reflect this.

Some examples of the tooling I helped to create at Auth0 and InVisionApp are:

skipper@auth0: RDS Database provisioning and maintenance that fully replaced Terraform. Stack: Go, AWS SDK, S3 For State Files, DynamoDB for Metadata. Runtime: EC2. U.S. Patent App. No. 17/331,369 Title: “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVISIONING AND DECOUPLED MAINTENANCE OF CLOUD-BASED DATABASE SYSTEMS”
sentinel@auth0: RDS Backup Agent – DR (disaster recovery) automation that calculates Recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) metrics across all RDS databases in multiple regions and environments and alerts Pager Duty if they are not met. RTO metrics are gathered by performing a PITR to a temporary `drx-` target after which it’s destroyed. All recovery and target metadata is stored in DynamoDB. Stack: Go, AWS SDK, Pager Duty SDK. Runtime: EC2
fleet@invisionApp: database provisioner and secrets key/value store manager – Consolidated Private Cloud architecture from a dedicated database cluster per microservice to a shared topology to bin-pack environments and save cost (stack: AWS RDS, MongoDB Atlas, S3, DynamoDB, Golang)
tabular@invisionApp: https://github.com/InVisionApp/tabular Open source Go library: simplifies printing ASCII tables from command line utilities
sentinel@invisionApp: fine grained monitoring and performance snapshots for MySQL and MongoDB (stack: UI portal runs on k8s, monitoring agent on AWS Lambda, snapshots stored on S3 and metadata in DynamoDB, Lambda agent monitoring by AWS X-Ray)
saw@invisionApp: bulk database cluster resize/reboot/parameter change automation for AWS RDS and MongoDB Atlas (stack: go cli, AWS SDK, Atlas API)
data-migrator-cli@invisionApp: Kubernetes jobs orchestration / monitoring for automating Private Cloud data migrations (stack: k8s, kubernetes/client-go, AWS SQS, S3)
hound@invisionApp: microservices database cluster configuration discovery and reverse lookup (stack: AWS S3, S3 Events to Lambda, DynamoDB)
pcb@invisionApp: MySQL and MongoDB data store configuration and monitoring CLI for Private Clouds